5 Different Types Of Perm Hairstyles You Can Always Go For

Have you noticed that there is a strange obsession among many straight-haired women for hair curling, and vice-versa? However, there can be little doubt that in many cases, curly hair comes out on top in comparison with straight hair, when it comes to looking sexy. Being a popular hair salon that does perms, we come across many customers, who want their hair permed. However, if you do decide to go for hair curling, what kind of hairstyle would you go for? There are so many options that it might take you a while to make a decision. Of course, you could always choose from the following list, to save time and still look stunning.

Spiral perm

Think Taylor Swift. Remember those long, corkscrew style ringlets in her hair? That’s the one we are talking about. The long, cascading, spiral tresses will make you look absolutely gorgeous, and that too, without much hassle. Be sure to team this hairdo with interesting, stylish hair accessories.

Curl perm (spot/plain)

We love the way Rihanna looks. Don’t you? Now you can get those heavenly locks too. Just ask for curl perm when you step into our salon. Our hair stylists will ensure you get a stunning look and that too, without causing any damage to your hair.

Multi-textured perm

Ah, the Vanessa Hudgens look! Excellent choice, if you want to sport a carefree, yet stunning appearance. Team it up with casuals for best effect, and don’t forget odd looking accessories. However, you should only go for this style if you have long hair. We’re sorry to say that Its effectiveness on short hair seems to be extremely limited.

Pin curl perm

Miley Cyrus has rocked this style. You will too – we’re sure of it. The tight curls of this style make it suitable for short or medium-length hair. Remember, however, that this hairstyle does not stay for long. Be sure to come around for additional sessions every month, to maintain this heavenly look.

Loose wave perm

Love Julia Roberts? Well, why not try out her hairstyle, to see how it looks on you? This style, especially suited for the summer season, can remind you of waves you see at the beach. This style is, once again, most suitable for women with long hair, since otherwise the waves won’t be that prominently visible.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into our office for comprehensive hair salon services, today. You will be satisfied with our extensive range of services. We’re sure of it!

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