5 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair Brides

Many women covet straight hair, believing it to be more adaptable for various types of hairstyles. So much so that brides often go for hair straightening before the big day, feeling they would look more gorgeous that way. However, brides with curly hair can look just as gorgeous, if they just pick the right hairstyles. At our bridal hair styling salon in Dawson Creek, we have multiple bridal hair stylists, who love to work on women with curly hair, creating stunning looks that make heads turn.

Do you have curly hair? Well, good for you, then.Visit our salon and we will give your hair an enchanting look. Also, here are 5 hairstyles you can choose from. Don’t worry – if you don’t like any of them, our hair stylists know dozens more.

  • Short and tight curls: This is one of the simplest hairstyles for curly haired brides, which involves pulling the hair curls back and securing them in place with accessories like hair pins, headbands, or even flowers. This looks so stylish that we have also had some straight haired brides asking us to curl their hair so that they can try this look. What’s more – this takes very little time to do.
  • Updo with hair bun: This is another popular choice among brides. First, our hair stylists tie up the hair by pulling it upward. Then, they put the remaining hair in a bun. A few strands of hair are kept loose on the sides. This softens the face and brings about a young feel to the entire look.
  • Braid with bun: This style has gotten very popular in recent years. Our hair stylists braid the hair to the front, in order to create a natural headband. Then they gather the remaining hair and tie it up in the form of a bun. The result is one of the most stylish looks ever.
  • Reverse braids: This style takes some time to create, so make sure you have some time in hand before you visit our salon. First, our bridal hair stylists weave the hair strands into tight braids and let a few strands hang loose. The result is a messy yet stunning effect. Accessories like jewels or flowers complete the look.
  • Braid waves: One of the most elegant looks, the braid waves involves tying up wet hair into braids, allowing the hair to dry completely and then undoing the braids. The result is always stunning.

The wedding is one of the most significant ceremonies you will be in throughout your life. Be sure you look your best on the day. Our bridal hair stylists can help you get a stunning look with your curly hair. Simply show up at our salon and pick a hairstyle. We’ll take care of the rest.

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