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What are the Risks of Unsafe Hair Removal?

If you are thinking of visiting a hair removal salon in Dawson Creek, then read on. There are plenty of options for hair removal in beauty salons in and around this particular area. Although waxing and threading are the traditional ways of removing hair from all parts of the body, newer mechanisms are gradually taking over as safer and sure shot methods. Laser hair removal can be an incredibly safe option for many in the short run however, many clients may face severe dangers later in life. Understanding how laser hair removal can get unsafe later in life, it makes good sense to make an informed decision about hair removal. There are many dangers and problems faced with laser hair removal. Here are the following common issues faced: There could be swelling and redness in the area where the hair has been removed. This may subside in a few days nut the patchiness and swelling may indeed create issues. In certain rare circumstances, hair removal is conducted improperly. When you are going for laser hair removal, try and ask for the doctor’s credentials. Double check his training and be informed about potential risks of hair removal. The area where the … Continue reading

Some Facts About Getting a Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian bikini wax is becoming ever more popular across the world as it is in Hollywood. Most entertainers and celebrities who regularly wear swimwear and are used to making public appearances opt for the Brazilian bikini wax. If you are opting for a full body waxing services, you need to be prepared for some excruciating pain but amazing results. For starters, most Brazilian waxes occur in a private room with no access or entry. Your private areas are cleaned and sanitized before the waxing usually takes place. You may be provided with sheets and given a paper thong. The pubic areas are usually the most waxed parts in a Brazilian bikini wax session. Your buttocks and inner thighs are also waxed in this session. As a general rule of the thumb, you should have hair that is at least 1 to 4 inch thick. Anything shorter than that length can result in problems for the hair waxing specialist. If the hair is shorter, the wax may not be able to grab onto. Longer hair can be trimmed by the waxing specialist and an electric razor could do the trick. The waxer should wear a pair of gloves and should … Continue reading

6 Do’s and Don’ts About Hair Removal You Need To Know Now!

Want silky smooth arms and legs? Want to remove excess hair from bikini lines or underarms? Whichever be your need, the friendly estheticians at our hair removal salon in Dawson Creek can help you out. Simply show up at our salon and we will take care of the rest. However, it doesn’t hurt to know a few do’s and don’ts about hair removal before you visit our hair removal beauty salon. That way, you can keep your skin healthy and also ensure excellent results, every time you come for hair removal. Do: Exfoliate the skin: We cannot stress this enough. Always exfoliate your skin thoroughly the night before the day you visit our salon. This not only removes dead skin cells, but also helps open up the pores, resulting in much less discomfort during hair removal. Besides, exfoliating can also help improve general condition of your skin, irrespective of whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin. Use a baby powder: If you tend to sweat in the regions where you want hair removal done, then you need to reduce the moisture before you start. Use baby powder. It is hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin, and can soak up a … Continue reading

6 Different Types of Hair Removal Process Explained

Hair is a thing of beauty to you. You love your hair. It compliments your look and makes you look beautiful. However, hair at wrong places not only makes you feel embarrassed but also gross and dirty. So get rid of this dirty and gross feeling by removing all the unwanted hair from your body. You can get rid of the unwanted hair from your body and get a look that is sophisticated, classy and clean, with the help of hair removal beauty salon. When it comes to hair removal salon at Dawson Creek, we are the best you can avail. Hair removal salons can provide you with various ways of removing your unwanted hair from your body, some of the most convenient and useful processes that you will find at Brass Scissors are discussed below: Shaving: It is the most convenient way of getting rid of your unwanted hair. Though it just cuts your hair to your skin level, and without proper shaving you might have rough skin that will give you a bitter taste of shaving. To ensure proper shaving you need professionals who will ensure no cuts and will shave your body hair properly leaving behind a … Continue reading

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