Tips For Ear Piercing Care

Don’t we all love to match that perfect pair of earrings with our dresses to give us that extra edge in fashion? The dazzle they add to our wardrobe, the glint of glamor that those bedazzling pair can add to our face. However one must be very careful while piercing ones ears as they are prone to infection, and a piercing gone bad can take away your sleep for many nights.

Pamper your senses and get pretty with that new ear piercing on the lobe- or funk things up and get multiple ear piercings to play out the punk look with all the élan.

Ear piercings have to be done in a safe and sterile environment so that lobe does not end up with a bad infection. We at Brass Scissors, Dawson Creek – Canada ensure that there will be no hassle with infections after your ear piercing as we have experts who will take care of your ear piercing session and ensure it’s safe.

Here are Four Ear Piercing Care Tips that will Help you to Heal your Ears:

  1. Do not remove the starter earrings unless it is completely healed, a pierce on the cartilage takes usually 8-12 weeks to heal; and ear lobes piercing takes 6 weeks.
  2. It is best not to touch them often, there’s a chance you might infect them. Wash your hands with an anti bacterial soap before handing the piercings.
  3. Try to avoid clothing that can snag the new earrings. The snags can be very painful and cause a tear on the fresh piercing.
  4. Try sleeping on your back for the first week after piercing. Lying on the ears can be painful and the invisible bacteria on the pillow case might cause an infection.

We at Brass Scissors Hair Designs, guarantee you that your ear piercing experience is as safe and smooth as it should be. Come to our salon at downtown Dawson Creek for that perfect set of ear piercings. We understand your beauty needs like no other here. Our ear piercings come with a complimentary post piercing care which our experts advises you on your post piercing regimen for an infection free and quick and painless recovery. We perform ear piercings for all ages, so if you are looking forward to get ear piercing done for your little princess, look to further as we ensure it is a hassle free and pain free experience. Think of variety of designs and go wild with imaginations as we guide you through your first or umpteenth ear piercing ritual, we ensure you get safe ear piercing service at Brass Scissors Hair Designs, Dawson Creek.

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