How to Choose the Best Hairstyle According to your Face Type

Planning to go for a haircut? Well, you should start by determining the shape of your face. If the hairstyle you choose does not match your face shape, then the result will likely be disastrous. Before you visit a salon for hair styling services, take some time out and choose the best hairstyles that go well with your face. Here are some pointers to help you out with that:

For round-shaped face

Prefer short hair? Take a look at Ginnifer Goodwin’s stunning hairstyle for inspiration. Keep the hair up to about your earlobes and keep a layer at the top to create a chopped up look. The top layer will add height and downplay the roundness of your face. Be warned though, this style does not go with curly hair, but only with straight or wavy hair. For curly tresses, go for a staggered cut to create a youthful appearance. Think Selena Gomez.

For heart-shaped face

Short layers on the top with evenly cut sides is the way to go if you like to keep your hair short. Halle Berry has been rocking this hairstyle for ages and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. For medium length hair, go for bangs that touch the collarbones. take a look at Reese Witherspoon’s hairdo for inspiration. For even longer hair, follow Taylor Swift’s way of having long, curly strands with full bangs.

For oval-shaped face

Keira Knightley has shown the way for short hairstyle on oval faces, with springlike curls emphasized by greater overall length. Try this look unless your hair is very fine, in which case you are better off following Ashley Greene, with a variation in length between layers, resulting in a wow effect. This also makes your hair look denser than it actually is. Got long hair? Go for Emma Stone’s signature hairstyle with side swept bangs. Remember to blow dry, to keep the bangs centered.

For a square face

If you prefer short hair, then the best hairstyle for you is probably a short crop with layers and bangs on the sides. If you prefer medium length hair, then go for shoulder-length layers all around the cheek and neck. This will draw attention away from your chin and direct it towards your eyes and nose, like it does for Olivia Wilde. For longer hair, go for Jessica Simpson’s full bangs with light fringes.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our salon to get the best hairstyle for your face today. We have some of the best professional hair stylists in Dawson Creek on our roster. Drop by today and see how we can help you look even more gorgeous than ever before.

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