Some Interesting Spa Facial Facts

Facial is a part of every beauty routine. Men and women both have facials and this is one of the best ways to exfoliate the skin and keep it clean. The facial process removes excess oil and dirt from the skin giving it a fresh look.

Having a facial in the spa is one of the best feelings any individual can ever have. There are many spa facial services that can be avail but Brass Scissors will help you find the best spa facial treatment services.

Plan before and arrive early

While doing a facial, it is very important to set expectations for both you and your aesthetician. Know yourself before having a facial.

Wearing glasses

Wearing contact lenses is not an advisable option while having a facial. Some of the facials tend to have steam and this steam might cause irritation to the eyes, thus causing the individual to rub the eyes. Wearing glasses is suitable while going for a facial.

Wearing makeup

Although having a facial with a fresh face is advisable, you can enter a salon by applying makeup. Do not apply mascara right after the facial. It is unnecessary and will just be a waste of the product.

While having a cold

Cold as we know it can be viral and through facial, the cold will spread to other clients visiting the place and applying the facial. It is advisable to avoid a facial while having a cold, due to hygienic reasons.

You will not be nude

Facial means getting the face and the neck massaged. Opening of inners such as camisoles and bras can be uncomfortable for some clients. Be prepared. If you feel awkward while putting your bra straps down, then opt for a strapless one.


Some facials use steam to facilitate the removal of debris, open up follicles and soften the skin. The steam might tend to heat up the face but that is completely natural while having a facial.


Just think the aesthetician to be your regular doctor. He/she will want to know whether you are allergic to any particular skin care products. If you are having problematic skin then talk to the dermatologist and then he/she can advise you when to have the facial.

No coming back weekly

Facials should be done at least once or twice in a month. There is no need for a person to come back every week for a facial to be done.

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