Know why Strip Waxing is The safest Way to Remove Hair From Body!

Waxing is the most popular and safe hair removal services practiced till date. It has been an age old technique used for hair removal, and it does away with the scratchy after effects of shaving, that can also turn the skin dark over the time. Waxing is also better than hair removal creams available in the market which if kept for a longer time can burn the upper layer of the skin, thereby instilling havoc in your beauty regimen.

Brief History of Waxing

The history of waxing dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC. It is a holy act as per the Islam. Initially it was practised in the Middle Eastern countries to get rid of body odour, lice infestation, and other parasites. The Western culture learnt about the importance of hair removal when swimming costumes came into vogue. The waxing process in the initial days was also known as “sugaring” in many Mediterranean societies. Sugaring was also known as “halawa” which is Arabic means “sweet”. A thick mixture of sugar and lemon juice with water was prepared. This formed a gooey syrup which was applied on the skin while it was hot. After flattening out the syrup to the area from where hair is to be removed it was stripped away with a piece of cloth. This removed the body/facial hair from the roots. The same process is followed till date only wax is used of sugar syrup.

Strip waxing is a quicker and safer way of hair removing than threading and shaving; much less expensive than laser hair removal.

Few Benefits of Strip Waxing Over Threading & Shaving are:

  1. Unlike shaving strip waxing lasts longer as the hair is pulled out from the roots
  2. It does not leave behind nicks and cut and thus is a safe hair removal process
  3. Less chances of rashes than shaving or threading
  4. Clears black heads and other sebum deposits from the skin
  5. Much more faster than shaving or threading

A visit to Brass Scissors Hair Designs at Dawson Creek, Canada is a must for pampering yourself with our wide range of body waxing services . Go in for full body waxing service or just get your facial hair removes by strip waxing, we will ensure the services are worth the time and the cost. A little care in skin care can go a long way, and we at Brass Scissor Hair Designs Salon are a firm believer in this. We maintain hygiene at our salon in Dawson Creek for every session of hair removal service. A visit here will ensure a smooth experience.

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