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Some of the Most Popular Artificial Nail Trends of 2016

The art of decorating your nails is one of the best that adds a uniqueness to the beauty of your hands. Here, are a few artificial nail trends of 2016. You can definitely give them a try. 1. Blue Black & Cream Random Patterned Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com This amazing acrylic nail art makes use of of a pale blue and cream color base with random pattern using the black nail paint. This nail art gives all your nails a different look and the attractive pattern offer your nails the most distinctive acrylic nail design. 2. Purple And Black Sparkles Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com This nail art design makes use of the black glossy base with a purple sparkling shade design on the top. This acrylic nail art is perfect for a party wear look. 3. Black And White Dotted Style Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com Black and white dots are considered as a retro look. These nails do not look as acrylic, but they are. The length of the nails are kept short and is a perfect wear for a daily look. 4. Simple Strong And Elegant Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com A simple but elegant acrylic nail art, apt for those who do not … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Popular Manicure & Pedicures to Try From

For outstanding manicure and pedicure services you need to know which service is the best for you. Read on to know more.   Manicures and pedicures services may seem ways to keep your hands and feet pretty. But they are actually a lot more than that. They nourish your skin and keep you hydrated.  While most people do it the basic way, some people choose to take the more creative paths. Only after you learn about the different types of manicures and pedicures, can you decide which the best option for you is. So here is a guide about how to choose the best manicure and pedicure services for you. Let’s start with manicures: Basic Manicure – to start with, there are the basic manicures. This is just the basic kind of manicure without any extra. French Manicure – the French Manicure, is meant to give you a clean and gorgeous look. The nail is colored white or beige, with the nails having white tips. Reverse French manicure – this is the exact opposite if the reverse French manicure. In this the moon of the nail is highlighted instead of the tip. American Manicure – American manicure is similar to … Continue reading