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Some of the Most Popular Artificial Nail Trends of 2016

The art of decorating your nails is one of the best that adds a uniqueness to the beauty of your hands. Here, are a few artificial nail trends of 2016. You can definitely give them a try. 1. Blue Black & Cream Random Patterned Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com This amazing acrylic nail art makes use of of a pale blue and cream color base with random pattern using the black nail paint. This nail art gives all your nails a different look and the attractive pattern offer your nails the most distinctive acrylic nail design. 2. Purple And Black Sparkles Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com This nail art design makes use of the black glossy base with a purple sparkling shade design on the top. This acrylic nail art is perfect for a party wear look. 3. Black And White Dotted Style Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com Black and white dots are considered as a retro look. These nails do not look as acrylic, but they are. The length of the nails are kept short and is a perfect wear for a daily look. 4. Simple Strong And Elegant Image Ref : www.bestacrylicnails.com A simple but elegant acrylic nail art, apt for those who do not … Continue reading