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It is always a good thing to experiment with your looks and try new things that will make you truly spectacular and beautiful. One of the best ways to get noticed is to have amazing hair and you can make it all the more spectacular with the help of some expert advice. Perms are of best ways to add volume and style. However, like everything else, it also needs a certain amount of preparation and a few things should be noted before you start with it.

The most daunting fear that most women have before getting a perm is that whether it will damage their hair. The answer is, No. However, only if the process is done by an expert. Perm involves a lot of heat and pressure on the hair and an expert will be able to tell you whether your hair is in good enough shape to enable you to do so. In the hands of an inexpert, the hair might be damaged and so you need to choose your salon with care. Since perms can also effect hair colors, as the curls would diffuse the light reflected from your hair, have a session with your consultant about the kind of color you would want after the perm is over and what should you do so that it stays on for a long time.

It would be wrong to think that the moment you step out of the salon after getting the perm, the job is done. Well, technically it is, but there has to be a good follow up so that the perm stays that way. The effects of the perm can last anywhere between two to six months and of course, the tighter the curls, the greater are the possibilities of the perm staying longer. However, it is advisable not to wet hair before twenty four hours and refrain from shampooing before forty eight. The technique involves the use of certain chemicals and they would be washed off if the hair is shampooed so soon after the perm.

Brass Scissors is a hair salon that does perms and also specialized in all kinds of hair styles for a number of years and they understand the kind of style that suits the shape of the face and the personality of the women who come to them. They take all the precautions necessary for the proper treatment of the hair and you can be sure that your hair would be in very good hands.

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"I have been going to Brass Scissors for 10+ years and have always been treated great. The turnover at times has been greater than others, but they have always had excellent staff. New building is fantastic and love the staff in there."

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