Biggest Bridal Hairstyle Mistakes you Should Avoid

If you are visiting the best bridal stylist for that amazing hairdo before your wedding, you should know what the major pitfalls are before you dress up for that amazing day. Weddings are not just about the dress and the ring, the hair plays the most important part in the entire attire. You may or may not enlist the help a make-up artist, but sourcing support from a reputed bridal hair styling salon in Dawson Creek is a must. Here are a few hair styling mistakes that you should avoid before that splendid event. Do not over condition your hair before the wedding day. Conditioning often makes the hair limp and too silky. This may not be ideal for a hair makeover or a simple do. Try and avoid the hair up do. Weddings are all about some finer sophistication and flair. There are more than one sexy hairstyles that will help you win glances. Try the supersonic traditional bun or a ponytail without too many frills, it may help you win a lot of compliments on that crucial day. One of the most difficult mistakes that may destroy the entire look of the bridal wear is to opt for … Continue reading

Best Spa Facial Treatments for Different Skin Types

If you are interested in getting a spa facial treatment service, you need to be aware of the various facials on offer with the spa clinic of your choice. Achieving a glowing and luminous skin may not be that tricky if you are aware of the basic skin treatments on offer at the clinic near you. Every skin types needs cleansing and hydration along with scrubbing and moisturisation. Spa treatments can help you rejuvenate your skin and gives you a magnum boost. If you have a dry skin, you will lack natural oils and lipids. The skin will show signs of dryness in both summers and winters. The natural exfoliation cycle may show signs of a setback. You should wear facial masks and go for oil massages that help penetrate the skin effectively and render a certain glow to the skin. Rubbery facial masks often help rehydrate the dry skin and allows the skin to feel smooth and young. Such spa facial services can help revive your younger skin. If you have oily skin, the chances of you attracting pollutants and debris is quite high. The skin cells build up and the pollution leads to skin irritations and pimples. Acne … Continue reading

4 Dos and Don’ts for Professional Make-Up Artists

No matter what the occasion, professional makeup artists who also couple as bridal makeup artists will actually tell you how to ace that event with some cool looks! If you are dressing up for a party or a bridal makeover you need to keep in mind that a makeup artist is someone that helps you create that buzz around yourself. If you are willing to put yourself in the shoes of a professional artist, here are a few things you should do: Never ever give up on learning. Make up is all about a career that is always on a constant flux. This is a profession that is seeing a lot of changes and is all about developing oneself at a lightning speed. The trends in this industry can change a lot faster and you have to be well versed with a lot of things before you take the plunge. You need to be aware of the classical trends along with the newest make up styles that are doing the rounds of the fashion circuit. As a make-up artist you should not have a bad attitude towards others and also with the clients. Your positive nature and warm behavior will … Continue reading

5 Hairstyle Trends That are Catching up on Fall 2015-2016

Hair styles make or break an occasion. If you want to be a showstopper that ruffles a few feathers at an event or a wedding, gala or a dinner, then read on. There are plenty of hairstyles that are doing the rounds of the fashion circuit this fall. Here are the best hairstyles of those, which stand out. The classic French Twist is seeing a modern makeover this fall. With 2015 drawing to ceremonial close, a lot of women are giving the French Twist a slightly cooler and hipper feel. You can look younger and zesty with this hairstyle. You can opt for a messy look, and make a style statement. The old fashioned French look is often hard to miss. If the messy look is in then the Bohemian Locks are surely winning rave reviews the world over! This hairstyle is pretty and chic and allows long hair to be let loose on the shoulders. Thick textures and kinky movements in the hair gives a feeling that is fierce and warrior like. Leather is making a comeback raising a few eyebrows and creating storms! Last year was all about gold and silver accessories. This year has seen leather bands … Continue reading

How to Opt for a Safe Ear Piercing for Your Child?

Opting for an ear piercing may be the actual rite of passage. Children are delicate and have sensitive sensory mechanisms that makes them vulnerable to nicks and cuts, bruises and accidents. You can visit a trustworthy and safe ear piercing shop at Dawson Creek. However, we suggest you visit a physician to have the ear lobes pierced. Many doctors will guide you against getting the ears pierced at an early age. Doing so will just add to the burden of woes for your young child. There could be many infections that can affect your child and waiting till your girl child is 10 years old may be the answer. It makes sense to ask your doctor beforehand about what needs to be done to make the journey easy and safe for your child. Many doctors will guide you against getting the ears pierced at an early age. Doing so will just add to the burden of woes for your young child. There could be many infections that can affect your child and waiting till your girl child is 10 years old may be the answer. It makes sense to ask your doctor beforehand about what needs to be done to … Continue reading

Simple DIY Wedding Hairstyles that can Create That WOW Look!

Weddings are a special occasion in a woman’s life. If you are the bride, you will love to experiment with hair styles and wear a splendid outfit that goes well with it. Improvising with hairstyles and visiting a wedding hair styling salon may be up on the agenda before that glorious wedding. However, some DIY wedding hairstyles can truly be mesmerizing if you are willing to go for that girl next door look. Here are a few hair styles apt for your wedding gala and may be a tad better than the styles rehearsed by your professional hair stylist: The ultimate waterfall braid has that cascading effect on your long locks. It can look utterly gorgeous and is suited for both the curly and straight hair. The braiding requires a certain amount of practice and if you are ready for that trial run in front of the mirror, you can truly turn some heads. If you like to swing to the seventies and like that gaunt hippy look, then try out a hairstyle that is making a comeback among the fashion savvy women. The loose and retro bouffant can actually clinch that smile in your husband to be. If you … Continue reading

What are the Side Effects from Excessive Use of Perms and Hair Relaxers?

If you want to perm your hair, you probably will visit a hair salon service that specializes in it. When applying a perm, most hair dressers are not careful about the chemicals they apply on the hair. Basically, a perm works the best when a hair strand is rolled with heat and chemicals are applied to it. You can get a head full of lush curls and great style. Despite this, perming can severely damage your hair and leave around the traces of hydrogen peroxide that can lead to severe burns. If the perms are not done carefully, you may also face long term damage to your hair. The hair may lose elasticity and become fragile, brittle and very prone to breakage. There could be significant damages in some other ways as well. Here are a list of bad effects that can cause damage to your hair: Scalp damage is a common worry when you go for a perm. When the permanent curling solution is added to the hair, it may inadvertently come in contact with the scalp. There could be a redness and itchiness that can cause severe damage to the hair follicles in the scalp. Perming solutions are … Continue reading

4 Uncommon Natural Hair Treatment Products

Keeping your long lustrous mane healthy and shiny is a tough task indeed. There are several hair treatment services that are on offer at a hair clinic near you. If you do not want to visit that expensive hair salon at Dawson Creek every week, try out some home remedies that can be easy and inexpensive! If you thought honey, curd and egg along with olive oil can help boost the follicular growth in the hair on the scalp then think again. Ingredients such as molasses and onion juice are some of the best kept secrets in rejuvenating hair. Onion juice is great for curing premature hair growth and greying in young women, there are many scalp ailments too that can be cured if you apply the onion juice.  This juice is rich in sulfur and boosts the production of hair collagen tissues. If you thought that fenugreek was an Ayurveda product suited for cooking purposes only, then you need to think again. There are many holistic and Ayurveda treatments that can truly stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair shafts. You can also see the benefits of these seeds when applied in a paste. You can mix fenugreek seeds … Continue reading

Some Facts About Getting a Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian bikini wax is becoming ever more popular across the world as it is in Hollywood. Most entertainers and celebrities who regularly wear swimwear and are used to making public appearances opt for the Brazilian bikini wax. If you are opting for a full body waxing services, you need to be prepared for some excruciating pain but amazing results. For starters, most Brazilian waxes occur in a private room with no access or entry. Your private areas are cleaned and sanitized before the waxing usually takes place. You may be provided with sheets and given a paper thong. The pubic areas are usually the most waxed parts in a Brazilian bikini wax session. Your buttocks and inner thighs are also waxed in this session. As a general rule of the thumb, you should have hair that is at least 1 to 4 inch thick. Anything shorter than that length can result in problems for the hair waxing specialist. If the hair is shorter, the wax may not be able to grab onto. Longer hair can be trimmed by the waxing specialist and an electric razor could do the trick. The waxer should wear a pair of gloves and should … Continue reading

How to Find a Good Salon Offering Full Body Waxing Services in 3 Easy Steps

Want to get rid of excess body hair by waxing? Well, then you need to find a well-reputed salon that offers full body waxing services. Hair removal is no easy task, after all. You need to find a hair salon where the skin care specialists do not just remove body hair, but also ensure your skin is not harmed in the process. Thankfully, finding such a salon is not as difficult as you might think. Here are 3 steps for finding such a place without much of a hassle: Step – 1: Make sure the place is well-reputed Well, this one ought to be obvious. The first thing you should do is ensure that the salon you visit has good reputation in the region. Also, make sure that there are a large number of good reviews about it posted online. Alternatively, you may also search whether the website of the salon has a good number of positive reviews left by satisfied clients. That would help you gauge the overall quality of body waxing services provided there. There are many beauty salons cropping up all around these days. These are not usually up to the mark and generally produce more disasters … Continue reading

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