How to Pamper Yourself with Spa Treatments

The word spa is commonly believed to have come from the Walloon word “espa” which means- fountain or it can also be an ellipsis of the phrase “salus per aquae” a Latin origination which stand for “health through water”. It has been 200 years or more ever since the discovery of the first spring, thermal water was used for remedial baths. Hours of soaking the ailing part of the body in the warm water was believed to have the malady washed out from the system. Covered and open baths were built to store natural spring water which contained healing mineral salts; these rejuvenated and cleansed the skin. We all are aware of the beauty conscious Greek and Roman women of the past. Excavation has revealed to us the Great Roman Bath, where natural spring water was used for daily bathing. The water, whether from underground or from the mountains had great healing and soothing power. Though the process has changed from the early days, heat and water is still used for relaxation and curing. In the modern times Spa treatment can include wet as well as dry treatments and wellness therapies for relaxation and treatment. There has been a paradigm … Continue reading

Know why Strip Waxing is The safest Way to Remove Hair From Body!

Waxing is the most popular and safe hair removal services practiced till date. It has been an age old technique used for hair removal, and it does away with the scratchy after effects of shaving, that can also turn the skin dark over the time. Waxing is also better than hair removal creams available in the market which if kept for a longer time can burn the upper layer of the skin, thereby instilling havoc in your beauty regimen. Brief History of Waxing The history of waxing dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC. It is a holy act as per the Islam. Initially it was practised in the Middle Eastern countries to get rid of body odour, lice infestation, and other parasites. The Western culture learnt about the importance of hair removal when swimming costumes came into vogue. The waxing process in the initial days was also known as “sugaring” in many Mediterranean societies. Sugaring was also known as “halawa” which is Arabic means “sweet”. A thick mixture of sugar and lemon juice with water was prepared. This formed a gooey syrup which was applied on the skin while it was hot. After flattening out the syrup to the … Continue reading

Color Me Wild

We all love our tresses- wavy, silky straight or curly, long or short, we love to pamper and take care of our hair. A regular hair care regime helps in maintaining hair health and also occasional visit to a reputed parlor for that professional care. As a part of pampering your tresses, we at Brass Scissors Hair Designs, we include hair coloring and post color hair care as a part of our expert services in the Peace Region of downtown Dawson Creek. Pamper your hair with hair spa or get them trimmed the way you had always want them, however, to spruce up your look – go for coloring, as they add that instant jazz and gives you an instant make over. Go for global coloring and chose a shade that suits your style and persona. An expert beautician will help you choose the exact shade that will suit you before you make a disaster coloring your hair with the wrong products and shade. Come to us for all the advice, our esthetician would answer all your queries and we will ensure your hair color wins you all the right complements. Go wild with an array of shades that are … Continue reading

Tips For Ear Piercing Care

Don’t we all love to match that perfect pair of earrings with our dresses to give us that extra edge in fashion? The dazzle they add to our wardrobe, the glint of glamor that those bedazzling pair can add to our face. However one must be very careful while piercing ones ears as they are prone to infection, and a piercing gone bad can take away your sleep for many nights. Pamper your senses and get pretty with that new ear piercing on the lobe- or funk things up and get multiple ear piercings to play out the punk look with all the élan. Ear piercings have to be done in a safe and sterile environment so that lobe does not end up with a bad infection. We at Brass Scissors, Dawson Creek – Canada ensure that there will be no hassle with infections after your ear piercing as we have experts who will take care of your ear piercing session and ensure it’s safe. Here are Four Ear Piercing Care Tips that will Help you to Heal your Ears: Do not remove the starter earrings unless it is completely healed, a pierce on the cartilage takes usually 8-12 weeks … Continue reading

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