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5 Common Winter Skin Care Treatments

Your skin is the most sensitive part of your body. Thus, taking good care of it all the time is a must. During the winters, your skin tends to turn dry and itchy, this can only be solved by taking special care of your skin. Here, are 5 common tips that will help you to treat your skin well even in the winters. 1. Moisturise Your Skin More Often The harsh elements of the winter season affect your skin very strongly, thus leaving it dry and itchy. So, in order to keep your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated, applying a moisturiser is a must. It brings back the elasticity of your skin and makes you look glamorous all day long. 2. Sunscreen Is A Must As the name suggests, sunscreen is not only for the summers. The winter sun and the snowflakes affect your skin the same way as the sun does in the summers. So, applying a sunscreen lotion on your face and hands, 30 minutes prior before leaving home, is a must. 3. Treat Your Feet In the winter months, your feet tends to crack and start bleeding. To avoid such a condition, a lotion containing petroleum jelly … Continue reading

Most Common Services Offered by Beauty Salons

Looking for an inexpensive way to get a makeover? Try visiting one of your local beauty salons where you have the option of getting an amazing look in the most cost-effective way. Not only this, but you will also be exposed to an edgy and chic style that will accentuate your total outlook. Here are few of the hair and beauty salon services that you can find in majority of the places. The Haircut Service: It is one of the most basic services offered by beauty salons. Employees are taught to provide the most exquisite styles and cuts that will suit the clients’ facial features and enhance their looks. A huge advantage for you as a client is that you will be assured of a newer style that is in vogue instead of the traditional haircuts. This is because today’s salons hire  employees who are not scared of experimenting or creatively stylizing your hair. The Hair Styling Service: Another common service that beauty salons offer is hair styling. Beauty salons are the only places where latest hair trends are made available to the common people. Most beauty salons are updated with what’s in fashion and what’s not (in terms of … Continue reading

Learn More About the Beauty Services at Brass Scissors

A list of all the awesome services performed by the amazing experts at Brass Scissors.   At Brass Scissor Hair designs, we bring you 25 years of expertise in beauty services. Our services are tailor-made to suit your budget and yet provide the best results for you. We stock a range of internationally approved and branded beauty products, at our salon. We offer you complete satisfaction in our services. The different beauty treatment services of Dawson Creek includes: Facial treatments Body Waxing Artificial Nails Ear piercing Wedding make up Spa treatment Manicure and Pedicure Professional Hair Styling and Hair Dressing Ear piercing At Brass Scissors beauty salon services, we offer ear piercing services using Inverness and Studex Piercing Systems. We offer a wide variety of studs, that include: Palladium Plate Titanium 14 k white gold styles 14 k gold styles with birthstones Care instructions and septic are available, but they come with an extra cost. 10 dollars is the cost of piercing, without studs and septic. Artificial Nails An extensive range of nail services is offered by our professionals, including full nail extensions. Nail gel repairs and fills with professional quality gels are included in our list of services. We … Continue reading

Latest Beauty and Skincare Trends of 2015

Know in this article, how you can bring in the change in your daily beauty and skin care routine with some excellent beauty treatments. Know how 2015 can be the messenger of change. The year 2015 can be a good year for your beauty and skin provided you start living healthy. Look after your mind, soul and body, sport the latest beauty and skin care trends of 2015 and feel the change from inside. Just like fashion, the beauty industry changes its look and feel almost every month. If you really want to figure out what the latest beauty and skincare trends of 2015 are going to be like, read on the post. If you really want to know how the year of 2015 will be in the beauty and skin care industry, take my word for it that this year, it’s time to think and also look for solutions to the skin pores, switch from the injectables to proper skin care and also feel good from within. Food to eat for beauty If you have been drinking green juices early in the morning to maintain your inner and outer beauty, it is time now to move on to having … Continue reading

First Time Getting a Facial? Here’s What You Can Expect

Have you ever gone for a facial treatment before? If not, you might not be aware of what to expect for a good beauty treatment. What are you waiting for? Go book an appointment today. If you are apprehensive about the unknown, read on this post to learn about what to expect from a beauty salon offering facial treatment. When your skin is in the hands of an efficient and experienced beauty professional, you can transform into a total power believer of facials since you will see a rapid improvement to your skin texture and tone with regular facial treatments. If you have not yet had a facial done ever, you can easily consider having one done, but just ensure that the beauty professional is an experienced one. Why is it important to have facials? When you are so concerned about your body and overall appearance, why wouldn’t you ensure that your facial skin also gets its due importance? Facial can effectively treat some common facial skin problems and also help preventing them from reoccurring further. For instance, acnes and blackheads are two commonly reoccurring problems for not only the teenagers but often for the adults as well. When you … Continue reading

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