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Best Spa Facial Treatments for Different Skin Types

If you are interested in getting a spa facial treatment service, you need to be aware of the various facials on offer with the spa clinic of your choice. Achieving a glowing and luminous skin may not be that tricky if you are aware of the basic skin treatments on offer at the clinic near you. Every skin types needs cleansing and hydration along with scrubbing and moisturisation. Spa treatments can help you rejuvenate your skin and gives you a magnum boost. If you have a dry skin, you will lack natural oils and lipids. The skin will show signs of dryness in both summers and winters. The natural exfoliation cycle may show signs of a setback. You should wear facial masks and go for oil massages that help penetrate the skin effectively and render a certain glow to the skin. Rubbery facial masks often help rehydrate the dry skin and allows the skin to feel smooth and young. Such spa facial services can help revive your younger skin. If you have oily skin, the chances of you attracting pollutants and debris is quite high. The skin cells build up and the pollution leads to skin irritations and pimples. Acne … Continue reading

Most Common Facial Treatments Every Spa Must Provide

Taking care of your skin is a must. For this, you must resort to various facials and homemade skin treatments-all of which will help you gain glowing, healthy skin. It is therefore, necessary to learn about the different kinds of spa facial treatment services offered by salons. Read on to find out about the most common facial treatments requested by customers in majority of the salons and spas. The Hot Stone Facial: In this kind of facial, cool marble stones and heated basalt are incorporated. Once the process of cleansing, toning, exfoliation as well as extraction is over, your face will be massaged using cold and hot stones alternately. The cold stones offer relaxation and toning of the muscles, reducing the puffiness, inflammation and congestion. On the other hand, the hot stones are used for stimulating your nervous system in order to increase and improve circulation. This in turn, helps to improve the appearance of your skin and repair the damaged cells. After this, a good mask along with a facial cream should be applied for hydrating, repairing and renewing the facial skin. The Deep Cleansing Facial: It is a special pore cleansing treatment that clears the skin of extra … Continue reading

Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Facial Treatments – Part 2

Here is another list of few more expensive facials used by celebrities all over. We are sure you will be amazed with the unique ingredients used and the pricing of each of these treatments.   Here is a list of bizarre and expensive treatments that you might never heard of before: 6. Vampire Facial – this surely tops the bizarre list along with being expensive. According to sources, your body’s own platelet rich plasma is used, to enhance your looks. The process involves extracting a small amount of blood from the arm area, and then processed to separate the platelets. The blood is then again injected back to your face, leaving you with glowing radiant skin. Vampire Facial has been popularized by Kim Kardashian who is known to be an avid fan of this treatment. The cost of this unique facial is $1,500 approximately. 7. Raphael Oxy Star – this facial comes from the brand of L Raphael Oxy Star. It is a 50 minute procedure, where you can try variety of the L Raphael facial products. Raphael has long been known as the brand who provide great body and facial treatments. The company has 20 years of repute in … Continue reading

Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Facial Treatments – Part 1

It’s known to us, that facials are required to minimize the marks of daily stress and pollution on our skin. We try to fit in beauty regimes within our busy schedules and budgets. However there are few unique facial procedures that are usually availed by celebrities for keeping their skin ever young and fresh. Here are a few ridiculously expensive and strangely exotic facial treatments that you might never had heard before.   Pampering mostly include facial treatments that come with a glowing complexion, younger and radiant looking skin, and stress relief. As the popularity of facials are increasing, a number of unconventional beauty treatments have been introduced in the market that are availed by the celebrities.  Popularly called spa facial services, they come with a huge price tag. So here is a list of the most expensive treatments: Bird Poop Facial – An exotic Japanese facial, which dates back to the age of the geishas. Very few high end spas offers this facility. This facial is said to be rich in natural enzymes, which remove dead skin cells from your skin, rewarding you with polished-glowing skin. Victoria Beckham has been said to be the biggest fan of this procedure … Continue reading

What Happens When you Get a Facial?

You must be aware that like all other body parts, even your face needs some exercise everyday to remain fresh and super functional. While smiling can be a great exercise, sometimes it is not enough to give your face that special and glamorous glow. For obtaining that special glow on your face, you should go for a spa facial treatment. Are you also aware that when you are stressed about your daily life, stress and anxiety can even build up inside your skin, underneath the facial muscles? Only when you opt for a good facial treatment can you get relief from the stress built up underneath your skin. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, the spa facial specialists in Dawson Creek will massage your skin with different kinds of massage and beauty care products. There are different types of massaging techniques that can be applied on skin depending on the skin type. Some such techniques are the Knuckle kneading, Watterwald pinching, heel palm point hacking etc. The importance of getting a facial treatment done is that it can not only release the stress from the skin but can also stimulate the blood circulation on your face thereby giving it … Continue reading

5 Home Remedies for Glowing Radiant Skin

Who doesn’t fantasize about a glowing skin all the time? Having a beautiful skin requires a lot of effort and a proper beauty routine. How about trying some home remedies for a glowing skin? All women desire and fantasize a radiant and a glowing skin. It does not only add to your attractions but also gives you an edge over others. Having a glowing skin will also ensure that you lead a healthy and happy life. Here are some simple home remedies just for you with the help of which you can get a glowing and a radiant skin. Honey Honey has several beauty and health benefits. It can be used for protecting your skin from all kinds of blemishes and inflammation. It can make your skin texture smooth and also soft giving it a radiant look. Honey has great antibacterial properties and can also be used for fighting infection and promoting skin healing. Vitamin E Antioxidants are absolutely necessary for a healthy and a glowing skin. It can be used for fighting off the free radicals that usually cause damage to the skin. Avocado also contains a high level of sterolin which can help you in reducing the age … Continue reading

First Time Getting a Facial? Here’s What You Can Expect

Have you ever gone for a facial treatment before? If not, you might not be aware of what to expect for a good beauty treatment. What are you waiting for? Go book an appointment today. If you are apprehensive about the unknown, read on this post to learn about what to expect from a beauty salon offering facial treatment. When your skin is in the hands of an efficient and experienced beauty professional, you can transform into a total power believer of facials since you will see a rapid improvement to your skin texture and tone with regular facial treatments. If you have not yet had a facial done ever, you can easily consider having one done, but just ensure that the beauty professional is an experienced one. Why is it important to have facials? When you are so concerned about your body and overall appearance, why wouldn’t you ensure that your facial skin also gets its due importance? Facial can effectively treat some common facial skin problems and also help preventing them from reoccurring further. For instance, acnes and blackheads are two commonly reoccurring problems for not only the teenagers but often for the adults as well. When you … Continue reading

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