Do it Yourself – Simple Gel Nail Art Designs

Gel nails have become popular among the youth for the range of designs that you can experiment with. Here, are a few tips that will help you to carry out simple gel nail art designs at your home.

Powdered And Patterned
Powdered And Patterned Nail

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To achieve the perfect nails as the one shown, you would require gel nails. You can simply attach a sticker or a meshed plastic paper to get a wonderful look for your beautiful nails. The intricate patterning of the nails will certainly play a vital role in making you the look the trendiest of all.

80’s Retro Punk
80’s Retro Punk Nail Art

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If you want to look punkish, then this trendy gel nail art design will be apt according to your personality. To get the feel of the 80’s all you need is the bright pink, pastel blue and black nail colours. This amazing design is symbolic of the 80’s era and will definitely become popular in the coming generation as well.

Swirling Dimensions
Swirling Dimensions Nail Art

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This type of gel nail design showcases your creativeness in thinking innovatively. This trendy pattern requires various shades of the nail colour. The unique and different pattern carried on all the nails will definitely help you flaunt your beautiful nails.

Stiletto Angles
Stiletto Angles Nail Art

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This stiletto angled gel nails look fabulous in any type of designs. Since, the shape is quite edgy and wild, so before trying out any design on the nails, it is recommended to first try it on the paper for utmost perfection.

Leopard Painted Love
Leopard Painted Love Nail Art

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Leopard print has always been in trend and has been considered as one of the favourite designs every woman would want. To make your nails look like the ones as shown, you require steady hands for the intricate detailing. You can also get stickers that are easily available in the stores.

But if you are seeking a professional touch on your nails, you should definitely go for salons providing gel nail design services. Brass Scissors is a nail salon in Dawson Creek equipped with professionals serving this industry for quite a long. If you have any query regarding our services, feel free to contact us.

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