Hair Color with Highlights for Dark Skin

It’s quite common to spot fashionable young girls and ladies with dark skin tone to sport light colored hair with special highlights. While there are some such youngsters who pull it off well, there are many others who are unable to do justice to the look. Ever wondered why? Are you a dark skinned lady? If yes, celebrate your skin tone since the dark complexion is truly God gifted. No matter what you wear and how you wear it, your skin tone will complement the look beautifully.

However when it comes to hair color with highlights, a lot of young dark skinned ladies fall short on their looks simply because they tend to overlook their skin undertone. The skin undertone can be two types, the warm and the cold. Depending on the undertone of your skin, if you use highlights for hair color, the look will definitely complement your personality and overall appearance.

How to check your skin undertone?

The simplest way to check the skin undertone is to stand in the sunlight and take a look at the veins running through your hands. If you notice blue veins in your wrists, you have a cool skin undertone. However if the veins appear green in color, your skin undertone is warm. Usually most dark skinned women boasts of warm skin undertones. It is needless to say that the skin undertone can play a pivotal role for finding the best hair color with highlights for dark complexion.

How important is the eye color for hair color with highlights?

When you are looking for that perfect highlight with hair color, you have to keep in mind both the skin undertone as well as the eye color. As a warm skin tone person, you can choose from colors that are warm and rich like different shades of brown, warm reds, golden with highlights etc. It is important to speak to your stylist at the hair salon before you opt for the hair color with highlights.

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