How to Prepare Your Hair for the Cold Weather

Winter season is gearing up, so, it is our duty to protect our hair from its harsh elements. The cold weather causes several serious damage to your hair, thus, in order to maintain the beautiful look of your hair, it is very important to follow these simple tips.

1. Oil Your Hair Before Applying Shampoo

During the winter, it is recommended to cover your hair with a little bit of oil that is rich in essential nutrients. This helps to add shine to your hair and leave it looking silky for a long time. Applying oil to the hair follicles will strengthen your hair and enhance its growth as well.

2. Minimise Washing Your Hair

If you keep on washing your hair even during the winter season, this will lead to drying out your hair and loose moisture. So, washing your hair on a frequent basis in the colder month is not recommended. You can minimise it to just two times a week.

3. Massage The Scalp

In the cold months, the blood circulation through the scalp is not as much as required, thus, turning your scalp dry and flaky. Massaging the scalp will help bring life to your beautiful hair. It also improves circulation and ensures healthy growth of hair.

4. Condition Your Hair Deeply

In order to maintain moisture and radiance in your hair, it is very important to apply deep conditioning element during the winter months. This can be done by applying a hair masque after washing your hair. You can leave it for few hours by either covering it with a hot towel or a shower cap. This results in getting back the lost moisture and thus keeps your hair looking beautiful for a long time.

5. Try Out Protective Styling

Styling your hair in the winter months, might leave it detangled and frizzy. Try out simple styles such as a fishtail braid. This will help to keep your hair ends hidden from the harsh winds and will temp you less to touch your hair often. It is easy to maintain as well.

6. Eat Healthy And Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to maintain is to have a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Whatever we eat in the whole day constitutes to the well-being of your hair. Drinking ample amount of water will keep you hydrated, thus, nourish your hair and keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

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