Tips to Maintain Curly Perms

Getting your hair permed will offer your hair, ringlets and volume without having you style it every day. The use of heavy chemicals in this styling process makes your hair fragile. So, in order to retain the lost moisture of your hair and keep it looking healthy, it is very important to maintain the curly perms carefully.

Here, are a few tips that will help you maintain the curly perms that you have just got done for your hair.

1. Refrain Washing

Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after you have got your hair permed. The curls require some time to set, so wetting it and washing with a shampoo will disturb the hair proteins and thus, destroy your curls.

2. Leave Your Hair Loose

Once you have got your hair permed, leave it loose for the first few days and avoid putting a tight ponytail or a bun. Do not use hair bands, clips and other hair accessories. It is also recommended to avoid brushing or combing. If required, just run your fingers through the hair to keep it smooth.

3. Use A  Moisturising Shampoo

On the third day, wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo that is full of soothing ingredients. This will keep your tresses well maintained for a long time. Massage your hair gently and rinse it out thoroughly. Avoid using hot water and wash your curly perms with warm water.

4. Deeply Condition

Apply a deep conditioner to your permed hair helps your hair to rehydrate even after shampooing. It gives your hair a nourished, glossy and a natural look. Leave the conditioner on for about 5 minutes.

5. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb

While you condition your hair, comb it through a wide-tooth comb. This helps to remove tangles and conditions each strand separately.

6. Wash Off The Conditioner

Wash off the conditioner from your hair with warm water and towel dry it. Do not rub, just scrunch your hair. This helps to avoid tangles. You can also use a scarf or an old T-shirt to dry your hair.

Now that you know how to take care of perm at home, you can stop warring before getting one. Even though there are lots of instructions online to get perm at home, it is better to look for a professional hair salon that does perms. At Brass Scissors, we provide top quality perms. If you want to know more about our hair salon services, please visit our website.

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